The Sweet Tooth Fairy/Valentine’s Day Contest

One of the perks of performing at Chefdance was getting to partake in the eating festivities! We enjoyed a delicious meal that was dreamed up by Top Chef finalist, restaurateur, and winner of ABC’s “The Taste” (among many other accomplishments), Brian Malarkey. We also befriended some fantastic table mates (shout out to Kathleen, Alan, Craig, and Thomas from Qirra Sound- the smartest, nicest people!)- including the one and only Megan Faulkner Brown, winner of TLC’s Cupcake Wars and founder/creator of The Sweet Tooth Fairy, a fantastically delicious bakery with several locations throughout the US. Megan and her husband Ethan were really lovely. And Megan invited us to try some of the treats at the Salt Lake City location of her bakery! So of course, we took her up on that offer…and let me tell you, that place is heavenly. The smell alone…and the cupcakes and cakebites are seriously tasty. Since Valentine’s Day was just around the corner, Ben and I were thinking that it would be super fun to do a joint giveaway contest with goodies from the Sweet Tooth Fairy and music from me! The idea was for participants to post their best ‘cupcake selfies’ on various social media platforms for a chance to win cake bites, signed EPs, and T-Shirts. We got lots of really cute entries and we will be announcing the winners in a couple days. IMG_3618 1780813_10152195313027661_324581973_n 1506001_10152063575903025_1930051804_n 71459_10152198517937661_2059598301_n

Sundance Film Festival 2014/Koffeehouse Music

This was a really fun way to kick off 2014! I ventured to Park City, Utah Jan. 17- 24th to do a bunch of Sundance gigs through Koffeehouse Music. My friends Ben Antelis and Robby Tal joined me on drums/cajon and guitar, respectively. Met lots of really cool new friends. Thanks to Jeremy Koff, Mouse Kim, Christopher Eric, and everyone else at Koffeehouse Music for making it possible!

Notable gigs:

~A performance/interview on Park City TV

~3 sets at Flanagan’s on Main

~2 performances for Chef Dance, one of the film festival’s most celebrated events

~Performed at the Koffeehouse Chateau event

~Performed at Hollywood Business Manager John Rigney’s Level IV Private Party

~Performed at the HP Lounge

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Beyoncé’s “XO”– Cover Video


Made a cover of Beyoncé’s ‘XO’…one of my favorite songs off her new album! I swear Beyoncé has magical powers. How else could she have made this album, with 17 gorgeous/highly artistic videos, while being on tour constantly and doing everything else that she does!? She’s a living legend and a huge inspiration.

This video features the incredible Gawain Mathews on the guitar and kick drum. It was filmed by the multi-talented musician/photographer Tamarind Free-Jones!




Well hello, there…

It’s been a while since I’ve updated this site! I’ve been so busy the past couple months…and I’ve managed to keep my Facebook page up to date, but I’m afraid this page might’ve fallen by the wayside a bit. Not to worry, though! Starting here and now I’m going to recap what’s been going on, and talk about what I’ve got coming up!

FIRST UP: some videos! My last post referred to my experience at The Kennedy Center for the American Voices Conference…here’s footage of my performance there!

NEXT: to celebrate the holidays, I made this video of Mariah Carey’s classic “All I Want for Christmas Is You”:




Upcoming Live Stream November 23rd at 3:30 PM EST. Turns out I’ll be singing for Ben Folds AND Sara Bareilles!

You can watch it live! 12:30 PM PST



As part of American Voices, observe singer/songwriter/producer Ben Folds and Grammy-nominated pop star Sara Bareilles coaching pre-selected young artists in the pop/rock genre.The session concludes with a panel discussion moderated by Renée Fleming that includes Kristen Foster, Executive Vice President and head of the Music Department at PMK*BNC public relations firm; Peter Mensch, Band Manager for Metallica, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Muse, founder of Q Prime; William Riley, voice trainer and singer; Chris Sampson, Vice Dean of the Division of Contemporary Music, Founding Director of Popular Music Program, USC Thornton School of Music; Don Was, President of Blue Note Records; and Dr. Steven Zeitels, otolaryngologist and preeminent laryngeal surgeon, whose patients include Adele, Steven Tyler, and Roger Daltrey.

Back from NY…what a great trip!

October and the first part of November were filled with rehearsals, gigs, and video-making sessions In New York! I absolutely LOVED spending time in such an exciting city.

Here’s one of the videos I made with my super talented new friends, the guys in The New Velvet: